With the help of our good friend and aquaponic sage Max Meyers, we have constructed a model aquaponic system to produce Tilapia fish, shrimp and vegetables. It will also be used as part of upcoming permaculture seminars which will have an aquaponics component.

Aquaponic system

This system is designed to be near zero input. The fish are fed insects which fly into the zapper above their tanks and drop straight into the fish tanks. They are also fed a variety of other plants which grow around the system and worms which are cultivated from their waste.

We tried to build this system to last using the most durable materials possible. The longer structures last, the less their construction wastes resources precious to the planet.

We expect to produce approximately 1000 lbs of Tilapia, shrimp and copious quantities of veggies growing in their waste.

How Aquaponics Works:
Aquaponic System
Aquaponic System

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