Staff & Volunteers

We are blessed with an incredible group of committed individuals.

Our doctor… Dr. Oscar Gomez. He is from the Isla de Ometepe. He just finished his medical training as a cardiologist at ELAM in Havana,Cuba. This is the Latin American Medical school that takes students from all of the Latin American countries. It is a unique program as much of the training prepares their students for practicing medicine outside the big city and far from high tech medicine. The program emphasizes physical assessment and patient education skills along with a deep appreciation for the importance of prevention in their clinical practices. this background has enabled Dr. Oscar to fit right into our project. He has made home visits to almost all of our patients.

Our fearless leader… Alden Willard Nurse practioner. Alden is the day to day leader of our health project. She brings 25 yrs of public health, primary care and chronic disease management to our project. She is always looking for ways to improve and add needed services for our patients.

Our brigadistas:

Maria Mendoza
Marlene Matamoros
Arellia Lopez

Each comes to the project with energy and passion and a deep commitment to improving the health of their community. They take the lead in doing the door to door surveys, They assist at our diabetes care clinics and recruit and help teach our prevention groups. They also function as outstanding role models for creating a healthy lifestyle.

Outside volunteers: Kailey Minnings is an MPH student at a university in Toronto, Canada. She lives in San Juan and helps out at our clinic sessions.

Katie Otto is a pre-med student who lives in San Juan. She has been very active helping out with the clinics, the prevention groups and the survey.

Fund Raising:
Federico Cruz-Uribe MD. I have the unenviable job of raising funds so that we can keep this project thriving. We are currently funded solely through private donations from the Cruz-Uribe/Willard family. We have added services gradually over the past year as we have better learned the needs and strengths of our community.

We have budgeted for this growth but the needs far outstrip our personal resources. As a result, we are seeking to expand the circle of supporters for our program. This has led us to establish a 501 c-3 non-profit corporation in the United States in Washington state. We are called THE NICARAGUAN HEALTH PROJECT. We are actively looking for persons who wish to share their time, donate supplies or provide financial support to our program. more info can be obtained by contacting me via e-mail or by phone.


phone: 253-564-8218 (toll free)

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