Wish List

Also we have new Wish list for those that want to help:
1) Target brand glucometers (the Up and Up model) they are the best and cheapest glucometers on the market
2) RiteAid brand glucometers
3) test strips for the Target and RiteAid glucometers
4) lancets….any brand, for doing finger sticks to do blood sugar testing
5) stethoscopes
6) blood pressure cuffs
(7) Money… there are continuing needs for the project to support our staff and volunteers out in the field.

Many of the villages that we serve are remote and require a 4-wheel drive truck to reach them. Our volunteers need support for their own transportation and other expenses when they are out in the field. We have become a 501 c-3 non-profit organization in the United States, so any donation is tax deductible. The Name of our non-profit is The Nicaraguan Health Project. If there is any interest in helping out our efforts please feel free to contact me. Federico Cruz-Uribe MD MPH

email: fcruzu@gmail.com

phone: 253-564-8218 (toll free)

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