FLN Sk8 park

We are pleased to announce that after years of planning the Finca Las Nubes Sk8 park is finally opening. It is the first true skate park in Nicaragua. It has a big bowl with 3 to 6 ft drop-ins as well as rails, stairs, funboxes and ramps for the kids to learn on. It will be fully lit to accommodate night skating. We hope it will provide a safe location for kids to practice and compete to increase their skills and promote skating in Nicaragua. We also hope to host competitions for both internationals and locals of all levels. We feel that skating is a sport that offers healthy alternatives to youth that might otherwise fall into unproductive behaviors and as such see this as an important contribution to the community.
The park is located at KM 136 at the entrance to FLN right behind the Clinic and the Nica Organica store.
We invite everyone to take advantage of the facility. Skating will be free to locals and we ask for a 50 cd. minimum donation from others. We hope to use those donations for future expansion of the park and equipment for the skaters. Helmets are required and will be provided at the park by FLN.
If you have any access to equipment or want to help with the skate park, please contact us.


MAVERIC (Massachusetts Veterans Epidemiology Research and Information Center)

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