Casa Buena Vista

Villa w/ 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, pool – Sleeps up to 8

$2,400 per week for up to 6 people All-Inclusive

Vacation Rentals San Juan del Sur

This house perched dramatically at the edge of the escarpment consists of two pods, each surrounded by its own private porch in an L shape around the pool.

In the main pod there is a master bedroom with full bath, kitchen, large open living room with three bed/couches, dining room all overlooking the infinity pool and swim-up bar.

The other pod contains two bedroom suites with two beds and a full bath in each bedroom. Each bedroom has its own loft. All the furnishings are custom made on site from beautiful hardwoods.


Vacation Rentals San Juan del Sur


  • Unparalleled privacy, service and facilities await each client
  • Each bedroom has its own bathroom with limitless hot water
  • Your own private infinity pool with swim-up bar
  • All the modern conveniences are provided:
    • WiFi Internet
    • Satellite television
    • DVD player
    • Stereo System
  • Full maid and laundry services are provided
  • Our incredible staff will satisfied every need or wish without worry or stress during your stay at the house
  • Fabulous healthy meals are prepared daily from our farm fresh produce and meat

Every detail is attended to make certain that your stay is completely stress-free and enjoyable. The staff will entertain your children while your chauffeur escorts you to the outing of your choice.


  • Relax and swim in the pool
  • Milk the cows or goats
  • Collect eggs from the chickens
  • Pick fresh fruit or vegetables
  • Plant seeds in the garden and watch them come up in a few days
  • Walk or ride horseback through the forest enjoying the peaceful tranquility of nature
  • Pet deer and hold monkeys
  • Learn about Reforestation, Permaculture, composting, making organic fertilizers and the roll of microbes in the soil
  • Practice your spanish with any of our employees
  • Volunteer at the clinic, the local schools or in any of our current social projects
  • Stop at our wood shop and have our carpenters make you a chair, wooden toy or sculpture
  • Visit the store where you can find all the products made at Finca Las Nubes


  • The sunsets are exquisite at this location and it is just a very short drive to any of the many fantastic beaches nearby
  • Visit the ruins of an old fortress, learn about the History of San Juan del Sur, enjoy the amazing views of the coastline and experience the adrenaline rush of rappelling down a 110-meter cliff with Aracne Tours (
  • The nearby canopy tour in San Juan “The Flying Frog” is one of the best we’ve ever tried and boasts three lines over 400 meters long. You can see many animals such as sloths and howler monkeys not to mention the adrenaline rush of flying over a 150 foot gorge!
  • There are many beaches that are wonderful for Swimming, Snorkeling and Surfing near San Juan del Sur
  • Take in some of the best fishing anywhere
  • Visit Granada, the oldest colonial city in the Americas (circa 1500)
  • You can drive a short distance to Lake Nicaragua, drive onto the car ferry and tour Isla Ometepe with its two volcanoes in the middle of the lake
  • San Juan offers both sleepy seaside village atmosphere and lively nightlife, something for everyone

If rest and relaxation is where you’re at then you can kick back at the pool with a book in one hand and a margarita in the other.


Due to the exclusive nature of this destination, we have priced it as an all inclusive package. It represents a real value for the clients.

  • Usually, people rent a 4×4 vehicle and must stress to make their way through the country avoiding harassment of the police looking for a bribe.
  • Then they must feed themselves (average cost per meal $10, 3 per day =$30, x 6 people=$180, x 7 days =$1,260 per week) which eats up about two hours per meal looking for, driving to and waiting to be served.
  • Then they must find lodging (at least 3 rooms x $80 =$240 x7=$1,680 per week for a moderately priced hotel) within a very noisy town, with a lot of other people sharing their pool and surroundings.

We offer:

  • Our chauffeur meets you at the airport where you pick up the vehicle that you have selected, drives you around your entire trip and returns you to the airport when you leave. (priceless) Vehicle rental and gas are not included.
  • All meals are included and prepared by an awesome organic chef using only the freshest possible ingredients, served when and where you wish (you don’t have to get out of the pool or your hammock to order dinner).
  • A fully staffed luxury residence (5000 sq. ft. under roof with three separate bedrooms, each with its own private bath and porch) with its own infinity pool and a swim-up bar.
  • All this, in a super secure and private location that would normally be enjoyed only by the very wealthy.

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Vacation Rentals San Juan del Sur Vacation Rentals San Juan del Sur Vacation Rentals San Juan del Sur
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