Family Vacations

Finca Las Nubes offers a family vacation experience without rival. Our objective is to make sure that you have a great safe trip and don’t miss a thing.

“Natalie mentioned that moms love this place, well, she’s right…”

We send a chauffeur to pick you up at the airport and he is available everyday to take you wherever you wish. He will act as your guide, translator and local contact who will make all arrangements for activities for you. If mom wants a masseuse or yoga instructor to come up to the house and dad wants to go fishing and the kids want a surf lesson, he will make it happen. He will make sure you are safe, don’t get ripped off when making purchases and hook you up with the best people and deals available. They are locals and know everyone in town.

“My daughter in law named our guide, Marcellino, our “Ambassador of Fun.”

When you arrive at FLN, Natalie, our manager, will greet you and she will orient you with the details of your stay. You will decide what you want to eat and the staff will prepare it for you when, where and how you want it. You can plan your week to include all your favorite activities or play it by ear and decide  what to do next day-by-day.

“But in all my travels, I have never encountered a better tour guide than Baldo.”

Our staff is our most important component and will be available to clean, make your beds, do your laundry and cook for you with a smile. They are truly the most humble and endearing people anywhere.

“A true chef, and probably one of the sweetest human beings on the planet.”

FLN is a real life working organic farm and forestry experience. Kids can touch all the animals, including monkeys and deer. They can learn first hand how all things used to be done.

“The staff was so perfectly unobtrusive but attentive, I wanted to stay on forever.”

We make everything here on the farm including our food, furniture and energy.

Activities for Everyone

We have thousands of hardwoods and fruit trees. Bananas, mango, avocado, orange, mandarin, grapefruit, pitaya, pineapple, cashew, guava to name a few and many you have never heard of. We have an aquaponics system where the kids can learn all about how the fish provide the nutrient to grow veggies hydroponically. We have a skatepark onsite where kids can skate. Families can go horseback riding, kids can be taught how to surf by the national champions, there is on shore and off shore fishing and diving, rappelling off the cliffs by the lighthouse over the bay and the “flying frog” zipline tour or you can go Volcano climbing and even ski down one on the ash.

“They did everything, and all I had to do was read and sleep….Heaven.”

Get Involved

We believe that “Service is love”. If you too believe that we can arrange service activities around schooling, sports or any other theme you wish to become involved with. We also have a clinic providing free service to the community right here at our gate.

“Our children want to live in Finca Las Nubes.”


The weather is awesome here It is never really hot and humid here. I would say 85F max especially at the house which is up on a hill and cooler than down below. The rainy season is June to November. It is not supposed to rain July 15 to Aug 15. Most of the rainy season, it rains an hour or two a day maybe and mostly at night.  It is our favorite time of year generaly, green and gorgeous. October and November a little harder. It does not get hotter than about 85F ever here on the farm. Day and night it is always between 75 and 85F. It starts getting windy in December and continues strong through March when it starts getting dry and brown until the first rains in May.

“I am used to and demand year round air conditioning, but the breezes here are such that a/c is not needed.”

Safety and Security

FLN is located on 400 acres and your security is of the highest priority. No one but guests is allowed on the farm. We have 24 hour security and gated entry. We live here with our kids and grandkids and there are no locks on our doors. We sleep with our doors wide open and often Occi, our golden receiver, will sleep at the foot of your bed. We have never had any issues here on the farm with regard to the security of our guests.

“I was amazed at how safe the country was and how great Finca Las Nubes was.”

Regarding security and safety in Nicaragua, I think there is a great deal of misconception. There is a perpetual stigma that Nicaragua is at war, violence is rampant and thieves abound. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have traveled all parts of the world and Nicaragua continues to be the place that is the least affected by the modern gang wars, kidnappings, beatings, random violence and hatred that has spread world wide. Nicaragua’s neighbors, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico are all suffering a rash of these incidences. To give you an idea of the ambiance, most police have no guns, weapons or radios. They are friends of the populace reminiscent of an era bygone in the US. They don’t need police because they don’t have crime. Obviously there is petty theft and there always will be when we have such a vast chasm between rich and poor.

“I have been a lot of places, but never have I fallen this hard in love…”

Check us out

You all should check reviews on line at the rental sites or which is an independant review service. Also google “is Nicaragua’s negative image justified” for the CIA generated facts about Nicaragua and crime. You will find that it is the safest country in the western hemisphere. It is the only country that I allow my kids and grandkids to roam freely in (outside Managua).

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