FLN Clinic updates

Monday, May 28th, 2012 - 4:19:PM

We have a new physician…Dr. Oscar Gomez. He is from the Isla de Ometepe. He just finished his medical training as a cardiologist at ELAM in Havana,Cuba. This is the Latin American Medical school that takes students from all of the Latin American countries. It is a unique program as much of the training prepares their students for practicing medicine outside the big city and far from high tech medicine. The program emphasizes physical assessment and patient education skills along with a deep appreciation for the importance of prevention in their clinical practices. this background has enabled Dr. Oscar to fit right into our project. He has made home visits to almost all of our patients. Currently our enrollment is at about 200 diabetics. We are now operating 11 clinical sites…5 in the metro area of San Juan del Sur and 6 sites out in the countryside.
Also we have new Wish list for those that want to help:
1) Target brand glucometers (the Up and Up model) they are the best and cheapest glucometers on the market
2) RiteAid brand glucometers
3) test strips for the Target and RiteAid glucometers
4) lancets….any brand, for doing finger sticks to do blood sugar testing
5) stethoscopes
6) blood pressure cuffs

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FLN Clinic – New Services

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010 - 9:26:AM

This summer the FLN expanded our diabetic clinics to sessions every Thursday from 8:30 am to noon. Because of its convenience location we have been doing it at La Casa de la Mujer in town, we provide clinic monitoring, medications for the month, nutrition counseling, an exercise session and a visit with our doctor.

We have also established a new clinic in a community called Baston. We have done this through a partnership with the Puesto de Salud run by the Ministry of Health (MINSA) and began enrolling diabetics from the surrounding rural area.

We have started prevention groups in several areas:
- At La Cuesta we hold a session every monday morning at our clinic building at Finca Las Nubes
- At Baston once per month a morning session in the puesto de salud center
- At Barrio Auxiladora once per month at the local evangelical church
- At Cebadilla once per month at a local house

Find out more about the Clinic

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Clinic Openning

Friday, November 20th, 2009 - 9:59:AM

On September 15th 2009 the Centro de Nutrición Comunitaria was opened right behind La Nica Organica Store at the farm’s main entrance. The Clinic was established to promote a healthy change in diet towards organic vegetables.

Alden Willard and Federico Cruz-Uribe are a married couple from Washington state who live at Finca Las Nubes and are sponsoring the center. Federico is a retired public health physician and Alden is a family nurse practitioner. They hired Dr. Clarissa Montenegro, a Nicaraguan physician with many years experience to be medical director of the center.

The center has a waiting room, an office, 3 exam rooms and running water. The center mainly provides education and treatment programs for Diabetes and those at risk for diabetes, also serves as a site for Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, another serious illness afflicting the local population.

Read more about The Clinic

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La Nica Orgánica Opening

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009 - 12:13:PM

Finca Las Nubes Store
We are proud to announce the opening of Finca Las Nubes’ store, La Nica Orgánica. At the store, which is located 50 meters below the entrance to Finca Las Nubes, we have available fresh organic produce from the farm, beautiful furniture, spoons, and toys made from precious hardwoods here on the farm, Finca Las Nubes t-shirts, 100% certified organic coffee from our own “Finca El Petén”, tons of ornamental plants, as well as baked goods (such as our trademark banana almond muffins), smoothies, fresh coffee, etc.
La Nica Orgánica
La Nica Orgánica has many samples of our hardwood furniture for sale at the storefront itself, but our customers also have the option of ordering custom furniture. We are currently assembling a catalog that will be available for viewing at La Nica Orgánica as well as here on our website.
Please come by and check the store out. If we do not have what you are looking for just ask, we would be happy to get it to you. We look forward to serving you in the near future!

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Finca Las Nubes Store Built

Sunday, June 28th, 2009 - 1:27:PM

 Friday November 28th, 2008

erecting the sign

The “Nica Orgánica”, our new store for the organic products produced here on the farm, has been erected and will serve as an outlet for all that we can spare to the public. We have fine furniture made in the woodshop, organic fruit and vegetables, SHG 100% organic certified coffee from our own Finca Java’s “Finca El Peten”, hammocks, and lots of ornamental plants. We also hope to offer coffee and treats to passers by and maybe fresh fruit smoothies. The store should be open to the public during the upcoming holidays.

The Finca Las Nubes Clinic is soon to be constructed right behind the store and we hope to be providing health services to the community very soon thereafter.

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President Ortega visits Finca El Peten

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009 - 12:07:PM

President Daniel Ortega at Finca El Peten

President Daniel Ortega at Finca El Peten

We had a big surprise this weekend when President Daniel Ortega showed up at the farm by helicopter to give a speech on self-sustainability and organic agriculture! The president called the farm a “fantastic model of diversification”. The theme was women in agriculture and self sufficient food production for Nicaragua. The minister of agriculture had gone looking for model sustainable farms in northern Nicaragua and found ours to be the most impressive. They informed me on Thursday and the mass of army soldiers, policemen, and set up personnel all started arriving on Friday. They surrounded the farm with perimeter security and proceeded to set up an elaborate stage and tent camp. It was quite impressive. The dignitaries started flowing in Saturday morning. Ambassadors from Switzerland, Taiwan, Luxembourg, ministers of agriculture, education, rural development, etc. and the heads of some UN delegations participated first in a discourse on how to more efficiently help poor farmers. The government has been giving out “abonos” of a cow, two goats, ten chickens, a rooster, and a pig to each of some 3,500 of the poorest families. Since there was not sufficient investigation into their abilities to feed and care for these animals, the program was of dubious quality as far as long term benefits. Agreements were reached by providers and administrators that more education, evaluation of capacities and follow up on results were necessary. To that end relationships were formed to resolve those issues. Finca El Peten will participate as a training center and model farm for the many diversified disciplines of permaculture and organic food production. The minister of agriculture is on board to take Nicaragua toward self sufficiency in an organic way. We are very excited as this is exactly what we have been promoting.

The press was there in a big way with national live broadcast. It rained right through the event and remarkably everything went smoothly. Their teams were well prepared and efficient, setting up and breaking down the elaborate stage and decorations in record time. Romualdo and our team handled things very well on our end as well to make the event a big success.

Our friends from Peace passers were also on hand and made a donation of some 20 uniforms and several balls to the local girls soccer team in Los Robles. Their support is welcome and much appreciated in our effort to help kids in the local community.

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FLN Health Center Site Created

Monday, April 13th, 2009 - 4:20:PM

Finca Las Nubes Health Center Site Created

We are stoked to announce the creation of a new pad adjacent to the main road in front of the farm. It will enable us to build several buildings designed to serve the public. A health center, a church and a Finca Las Nubes outlet store to offer products created here on the farm are in design.      


May and rain are just around the corner and we are readying some 20,000 hardwood trees to plant as soon as the rain starts. As we do every year, we will be planting all manner of fruit trees as well adding to the 1500 already in the ground.
Byron continues to inspire advances on the organic food production front. Organic certification continues with the mapping of all the diversified projects on the farm. Biogas digestors are being installed for cooking fuel.
News is promissing on the windmill project as several other manufacturers have cropped up. We hope to have some resolve soon and be able to go off grid.      


The roads into San Juan are undergoing a full reconstruction and we are looking forward to brand new smooth roads all over the country. It certainly makes touring pleasant
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FLN first blog entry 1/21/08

Monday, April 13th, 2009 - 4:19:PM

Finca las Nubes First Blog Entry

1/08  We are pleased to introduce our “What’s up” component of the Finca Las Nubes website. We expect it to be an integral part of communicating with friends of and visitors to the farm. It is a dynamic, interactive tool that we can all use to relate news and stories of our experiences on the farm. You are all welcome to contribute to the blog, either through adding comments or introducing blog entries. Contact us for details on entries. We anticipate providing regular reports of events and occurrences on the farm and we see it as a good venue for relating information relevant to all the people that we are networking with to change the world.   

We have had a very good year here on the farm and there is much to report. We are in the process of certifying the farm organic with our friends at Biolatina, the Central American organic certifying agency. They are stoked on our project and have asked to hold there inspector training on our farms.

Byron Corrales of organic coffee fame, who is guiding us on our coffee farm up north, is leading us in our organic endeavors here as well. He has initiated compost, bio-fertilzer, bio-emulsion and bocacci production here on the farm. Bocacci is used to give microbiological life to impoverished soils. The emulsion helps breakdown organics accelerating decomposition.

Byron hopes to be hosting permaculture seminars here on the farm soon.

All of you should sign up!
Byron tasting salad

Byron tasting salad

Byron tasting salad.
Our organic vegetable production is back on line with the return of our Oregonian growers Sam and Denise with their new son Ari. Giovanni is fast becoming an expert in the garden and is pushing up egg and chicken yields. Pablo has adapted to the new systems where the cows are fed a daily salad mix of high protein forage so as to produce the best shit to make our bocacci.  


All the fruit trees that we planted three years ago are starting to put out all kinds of bananas, oranges, papayas, guava, mandarin, avocado, lime, etc. It can only get better!

Shaun and Lorena, down from Humboldt are counting up and cataloguing the survivors of the 35,000 hardwood trees we have planted in the last few years. They came up with 11,772. Our carpenters should have some wood to work with in the future.



Shaun, Pablo, Lorena, Giovanni, Chris and Vicente.

Federico’s place should be done soon and he and Alden will be moving down to build and staff the Finca Las Nubes community clinic which we are building down on the main road in front of the farm. They hope to sponsor a program for medical students to intern there providing cultural exchange and much needed health services.

I have some Austrians from Step wind energy working up a proposal for a 15 KW turbine that will provide free power to the entire farm. I am still trying to find a reliable vertical axis system in production as I believe that’s a better technology.

We have so much going on that I cannot possibly touch on them all so, I guess you will all just have to come down and see for yourselves.


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