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Finca Las Nubes Centro de NutriciĆ³n Comunitaria

Finca Las Nubes Centro de NutriciĆ³n Comunitaria was established to promote a healthy change in diet towards organic vegetables. The farm supporting the clinic grows just that, healthy organic vegetables. We believe that most illnesses could be prevented by such a change in diet.

Finca Las Nubes Clinic

Alden Willard and Federico Cruz-Uribe are a married couple from Washington state who live at Finca Las Nubes and are sponsoring the center. Federico is a retired public health physician and Alden is a family nurse practitioner. They hired Dr. Clarissa Montenegro, a Nicaraguan physician with many years experience to be medical director of the center.

The center has a waiting room, an office, 3 exam rooms and running water! However, this place is much more than a building.

The center mainly provides education and treatment programs for Diabetes and those at risk for diabetes, also serves as a site for Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, another serious illness afflicting the local population.

Why Diabetes?

Diabetes is a serious chronic condition but is a preventable and manageable one as well. Our commitment to services for diabetics and those at risk for diabetes arose from discussions with local medical officials. Because of the global recession, the government has cut back dramatically on care to the general population. Services to those with chronic diseases like diabetes and cardio-vascular disease are basically non-existent.

The local health providers gave us a clear message that there was an overwhelming need for diabetes education and treatment. Developing a program that provides on-going medical supervision and health education fits perfectly with our search for a way to expand the work of our center, thereby increasing its effectiveness and impact on the overall health of the San Juan community.

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