Properties at Finca las Nubes

Participation is by invitation. This is not a commercial venture. We are inviting a few likeminded families to participate. There will be no real-estate speculation on the farm. We want our neighbors to be people that are devoted to helping others, that inspire others to do the same. By constantly helping the people around us improve their lives and land we create an environment of security for our families. All the money in the world cannot buy this. The people in our community will all understand this instinctively.

Sloth at Finca Las Nubes

The few homes offered in the middle of this preserve are provided with clean water from 500′ deep well, a solid storage and distribution system, electrical service, good roads, unparalleled security and everyone is encouraged to participate in and reap the bounty of a farm committed to growing every possible variety of fruit, vegetable, dairy, cows, goats, turkey, chicken, pigs, etc. in a sustainable manner. We are blessed with an incredible hospitality staff, those that cook, clean, nurture our children, chauffeur and care take our homes. Their ever expanding crew continues to prove that Nicaragua’s greatest asset is its people. Ultimately, they are the ones that make our time on the farm so enjoyable. Their unassuming, gentle and loving nature endears them to everyone who meets them.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Finca las Nubes community please Contact Us

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